WordPress Web Design: Are free themes good?

WordPress is usually the number one choice for bloggers but also magazines, shops and other entrepreneurs are fond of it. After having the domain name and hosting, a theme is needed: should it be a free WordPress theme or a Premium one?

Are free WordPress themes any good?

Free themes are typically produced by independent developers and therefore have a limited or no support at all. WordPress and plugin updates might crash a site that has not been updated by its developer for a while. And, a responsive design is a basic requirement these days, since so many visit websites on their mobile phones. Also, customization might be time-consuming and therefore not economic: if the web designer takes an hour to change various visual aspects of the theme, you already spent as much as if you bought a theme that fits your needs better. Another thing is also, that your visitors identify your image with your website, and changing the entire design after a while might confuse them. There are free themes that can be used, for sure, and some high-end vendors also provide free themes with limited functions, but usually as a tempter for their premium offerings.

We at w3bd3sign.com don’t usually recommend free themes, but understand if someone wants a really simple and inexpensive web site. In this case we will find the best free theme suitable your needs.

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