10 Reasons your small business needs a website

One reason is enough, which is, as Bill Gates said: otherwise your business is soon out of business. Yet why should he be right? “Just because” he made a ton of money? What are the REAL reasons for him having said that? We brainstormed and figured out the 10 most powerful claims to support Bill Gates’ wise words.


81% of people in any developed country do some type of online research before making a purchase decision, be it a physical object or a service. It seems obvious, that any shop or service provider needs to rely solely on existing customers or the remaining 19% (which usually means children und seniors.)

You might have the best product or service, if no it is very little known. It can be crucial, in case you are a local business: you compete directly in your are and not only should you be better than anyone around you, but you should be able to let your district know. Flyers were fine and can be still useful, however, it’s not environment-friendly, not economic, and people these days don’t always appreciate printed advertisement material lying around in their post box. With a website, you can make your business known with as little investment as possible. Besides that, you can use SEO and keyword tactics to attract new customers in your preferred target market.


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It is a common misconception, that a website has to sell goods or handle online payments. A visually appealing, informative, technically modern website can simply list various services, introduce the team, mention the latest news and eventual sales and promotions, as well show the phone number for bookings and show the address with a location map. Basically an informative, up-to-date website that existing customers can check for the latest promotions, prices or lost phone number.

But there’s even more to that. Your customers EXPECT it. Think about it. These days, having a website shows a strong business model, simply said: success. Can or would you trust a business that didn’t have a website? Show your customers that you’re going to stay on the market for a long time to come, don’t let them look elsewhere.


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Besides being always ready with information and contact data, a website also can bring you leads and referrals. People talk and love to exchange, and that’s good for your business. Even if you don’t sell anything online, you definitely sell services or goods offline, and the more people know, the more potential customers you’ve got. It means higher earnings and faster growth.

Websites have been proven to be a better return on investment than any other form of advertising. A website should be your first priority as soon as you’ve got your business idea since this is the most cost-effective. You will have to market your business, there’s no way around it; the question is how do you achieve that efficiently. Your business can write this off of taxes as a legitimate expense.


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Your website is available 24/7/365, as hosting services provide 99,9% uptime these days. Imagine if everyone has to walk to your store or call for a simple thing such as opening times, assortment, services or price info.

The other thing ist he location. Being online you are already located for just being online. Your business is visible from almost every corner of the world and by using the proper domain name, SEO and keywords, you are visible to the exact people you are targeting as your customers, might it be in a district, city or country, or as said, even worldwide. It’s only up to your focus. Who needs to see you will see you.

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The importance of this can’t be emphasized enough since traveling already has become very common. Travelers love to check out their target cities/places before going on a trip, want to know where to make their memorable travel experiences. With the help of online search engines, it is much easier to plan in advance a pleasant, smooth trip.


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According to research, 56% of people won’t trust a business with no website. That would suggest, that any website would do; yet an unprofessional online presence gives a bad impression and mirrors the low quality of expertise – even if that’s not the case. Only a professional-looking – not necessarily fancy or expensive- website awakens well-grounded trust in customers. The consumers of the 21st century are skeptically biased and need to be reassured about your credibility as a legitimate business. If possible, include even testimonials and official reviews of your clients to further impress potential leads.


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Though it definitely needs some research, one doesn’t need to be tech-savvy to get a great, inexpensive website. We don’t recommend “all-inclusive” offers where domain, hosting and a builder are included: these are a waste of money and you still have to do the work yourself, usually with a poor-looking result. The way that looks very painless becomes a pain very quickly. That is why we developed packages that give our customers a professional online presence for an economical value.


Keeping in touch with your existing and potential customers takes time. Your website can include frequently asked questions and answers and lots of inquires can be cleared passively. Since difficulties grow weary on anyone, it’s much easier to progress to a business decision, booking a service or buying goods if there are no unnecessary obstacles in the way. It is also very comfortable to receive inquiries or to send out proposals via email. The other thing is, it’s way faster (and cheaper) than reaching out to your target audience via printed media. All this takes off the stress of you and frees up your time.


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In an optimal case your logo and overall business appearance shape your website as well. Social media cannot provide this kind of branding experience. A website acts as a platform for your messaging and shapes the online perception of your business in a way that your social media channels cannot provide. In addition, you have full control of the perception of your business. Your own website is the only place where you have the upper hand creating a fully positive impression. Did you know, that 79% of users who read online reviews, believe them? By giving off a positive image with testimonials you can combat competition and inaccurate reviews.


If you think, you are late for the party, you’re just going to miss out on longer. Half of the small business owners still don’t have a website and a big percentage of those don’t look professional nor up-to-date. Get ahead of the game in your local business by upgrading your presence. Yes, potential buyers are already looking for you online!


That is a little known use of your business website but it can also benefit your own employees or yourself. By creating a page or pages that are not visible to the public, you can host schedules and instructional content be it text, images or videos, and other useful material.

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