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Pricing of web development can range from zero to hero, and only your needs and budget are important for consideration. It’s quite similar as with cars: the question is, what’s under the hood. A fantastic looking website can be inexpensive, serving mainly informative purposes within a great structure and neatness, while a website that appears to be simple, might have an elaborate and costly back end development to serve unique functions. 


HTML Responsive Web Design is a MUST these days. It means that your site resizes, hides, shrinks, or enlarges automatically to make it look good on all devices (desktops, tablets, and phones): your site is responding to its environment using HTML and CSS. You only need to make sure the web developer makes a responsive website that will look good whatever device and environment calls it up.


Nothing is truly free and companies and bloggers learn it often the hard way. It is better to invest a little than to go free but paying the high price of a low Google ranking, loss of ad income, loss of lead generation and as well domain value. The two sides of the coin are hosting and content: do you host free working with a template, and do you want to host professionally but using a free WordPress Theme. Consult us freely to understand the pros and cons of these options.


In the jungle of Web Design, where the looks sometimes don’t give away much about what’s underneath, clients can easily become confused by the professional lingo and huge variety of price range. We at “33” believe, that good questions during the consultation window save a lot a of time and create an efficient process of our collaboration. Do you need what you want, and are you getting sold something you don’t need? Let’s find out and make it easy on you.


Sometimes clients feel overwhelmed by the options, lingo and price variations and finally choose either something cheap or the friend of a friend who made some sites. In almost all such cases you or your SME loses time: either because the site just never seems to be finished or because it simply doesn’t work for your needs. In both cases you will suffer monetary loss paying the domain and hosting, and monetary loss because you don’t get or even lose clients. In the meanwhile you might also suffer image damage, Google learns wrong things about you, the archive stays, and at the end of the day you still need to get someone to do the job professionally. Don’t rinse and repeat. 


.. and small prints. Without naming and calling out black sheeps, please let us warn you: there are way too many offers starting out free and after 3 months they start to charge you. A common example are drag-and-drop website makers offered by hosting companies or even by the domain registrar. By making it seemingly easy, they feed on your confusion and helplessness, making you offers you can’t refuse. Such free offers can easily add up to 250-300USD per year, while you invest your own working hours, ending up with a badly structured site that seems to be always under construction. Both Google ranking and clients don’t forgive such mistakes.


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