Can you really save money on web design?

In our experience, the biggest issue is the so-called “cheap, easy, quick” method. There are quite a few services that promise a full website free or for a “small monthly fee”. Unfortunately, free is (almost) never free: you either give away your chance to earn money on your blog or advertise for someone else, using your name or company. And unfortunately, the small monthly fee adds up faster than one realizes. How much money do you really save if you lose out on earnign?

Oftentimes, the fees that go up semi-secretly (announced in the small print) after a year or 1-3 months. Clients of these hosting companies get charged for page builder per month and domain.

There are other tricks these companies hinder you saving money on your website

There are many features that sound great but are unnecessary. Other such features could be included in a one time fee or in a simple shared hosting plan. But since most bloggers and entrepreneurs are unfamiliar with the technical aspects of web design, they tend to quickly spend on advertised add-ons or services.

On what web services can you save money?

There are sooo many web design services where you can save your money. Search engine submission is a famous one. Another one is the page builder, which is charged monthly and adds up fast to the amount of proper web design, only that a page builder cannot produce the same quality. Then, of course, having an online store are individual cases and for many people, Shopify or Etsy can work just fine. But oftentimes companies want to have their own store, on their own domain. Please remember: a website is a product and not a service. As soon as you realize this, you can start saving money in the right places.

Saving money by hiring a tech-savvy friend/relative to design your website for free

That sounds too good to be true, so it usually is. In that case, two things can happen: for one, the website will never finish. For two, the code can be messed up badly, so that when you decide that it might be better to hire a professional web developer/designer company, you not only lost time and hosting costs and maybe spent for the wrong theme or plugins, but you also might have to pay for fixing code issues / deinstallation / reinstallation.

Then how can I save money on web design?

In fact, you really need to know what you need to avoid paying for things that you don’t. After that, the only way to save money on web design is by hiring a professional company. A big company in a big city might cost more simply because of the city itself, and not necesserely because of the higher quality. To be sure, you might want to hire people you already know, pay via PayPal/Escrow in order to protect your money, or make a small order first, leaving big fancy stuff for later.

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